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Kendall Jenner emphasizes strong bond with Caitlyn

Kendall Jenner emphasizes strong bond with Caitlyn

It seems the general consensus is people see Caitlyn as a frontrunner and believe she has a real chance of taking home the crown this year. Jenner and Drake were in the same section for much of the night and sources claimed that they were casually spending lots of "romantic" time together. "Get Me Out of Here!" she hadn't "really talked" to Khloe in a long time since coming out.

Get Me Out of Here!, Caitlyn was asked about her famous family's relationship to security teams.

The 70-year-old spilled the beans, and said that while Khloe was openly "pissed off" during her transition, she isn't sure what her current "issues" are.

The former Olympic gold medal decathlete only came out as a transgender woman in the spring of 2015 following her divorce from Kris, and, TMZ reports, only told the Kardashians about her decision to move forward in life as a woman shortly before making her public announcement. So, the 5 or six-year declare simply does not add up.

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Many viewers jumped to Khloe's defence following Caitlyn's comments. Initially, the two were believed to be dating when Jenner was pictured at the artist's birthday party two months ago, directly following her break-up with Travis Scott.

"I love Caitlyn but it's so unfair of her to sit there and make out like Khloe hasn't spoken to her because she had a problem with her transitioning when really it's because of the way she treated and spoke about Kris #ImACeleb".

Insiders also shared with the publication that True Thompson's momma feels things have actually gotten better between them since her initial coming out, and rejects the idea there is still beef between them.

While Khloe wasn't there, she did have a legit excuse - she was working - and even sent a bouquet of roses as a gift. We're advised she texted Caitlyn as properly to want her a contented bday.

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