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Star Wars Fans Spot Major Mistake on The Mandalorian's Latest Episode

Star Wars Fans Spot Major Mistake on The Mandalorian's Latest Episode

Baby Yoda, a character from Disney+'s Star Wars series "The Mandalorian" is now the most favourite subject of discussion in the social media world, far more than USA 2020 Democratic candidates.

Luckily Entertainment Tonight asked writer, producer, and Star Wars collaborator David Filoni whether "Baby Yoda" is an accurate name for this snuggly little creature, and he said yes and no basically. It also gives the impression that Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian are fighting on the radio or the auxiliary string, which has inspired a new viral meme.

You still have plenty of time to get your hands on this hilarious baby Yoda Christmas sweater before the holidays are over. We know he's fifty-years-old (Yoda was 800 when he died, the species ages very slowly, apparently) and that he has a powerful command of the force. Baby Yoda is a uniting force of all things pure and good, in both our galaxy and the galaxy far, far away.

But according to the online news site Axios, Baby Yoda's popularity should be raising red flags for the historically large field of Democratic presidential candidates competing for attention ahead of the U.S. 2020 election.

Not much, given that he's essentially a baby (he does some stuff but that's a spoiler). Baby Yoda will now show in The Mandalorian so fans have to wait for November 29.

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Dominate the public conversation, Baby Yoda will not.

Pray that Baby Yoda's own train will never stop.

It makes sense that Herzog was the one to champion for a puppet Baby Yoda. There may be more Baby Yoda in the future, as show creator Jon Favreau has confirmed work on season 2 has begun. Disney was putting a lot of stock into their newest Star Wars spinoff, and it unsurprisingly paid off when the show debuted to massive critical success.

Sounds expensive to subscribe to another streaming platform, I already have Netflix. I was hoping she might be a regular, but it looks like the creators are avoiding the cliché of building a crew of strays. This doesn't include memes, GIFs or other content so it is predicted that Yoda's "reach is probably far wider".

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