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Melania Trump lightens up White House Christmas decor after red-tree controversy

Melania Trump lightens up White House Christmas decor after red-tree controversy

Melania stars in the new 57-second video to showcase the White House's Christmas makeover, which includes lots of white light, white flowers, gold ornaments and green foliage.

First Lady Melania Trump passes a hall of red Christmas trees at the White House in 2018.

First Lady Melania Trump and her decorators have transformed the White House into an extremely festive - and extremely white - tribute to the holiday season, as new video posted on her official Twitter account shows. She describes the decor as a "beautiful exhibit of patriotism" and one has to admit that this stars-and-stripes winter wonderland is an improvement over years past-as ostentatious as it might be.

She also tweaks a mini-wreath on a window of the traditional gingerbread White House in the State Dining Room. Continuing on the youth theme, among the Christmas tree ornaments there are also dominos and playing cards with cute animal designs on them.

"When I travel the country, I am inspired by the hard working people and families that I meet", the first lady said.

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Christmas decor is shown at the White House in this image from video released on December 1, 2019.

Another view of the Green Room during the 2019 Christmas preview at the White House.

Both the 2017 and 2018 Christmas decorations faced harsh criticism online for the unique choices of white, leafless branches lining the hallways and the red Christmas trees previous year.

This year's gingerbread house features the White House and iconic American landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge in California, the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, South Dakota's Mount Rushmore, The Alamo in Texas, the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, the Liberty Bell in Philidelphia, and New York City's Statue of Liberty.

The official White House Christmas tree is decorated in the Blue Room and measures more than 18 feet tall.

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