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Simple Home Urine Test Could Revolutionize Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Simple Home Urine Test Could Revolutionize Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

A HOME urine test for prostate cancer would speed up diagnosis and prevent painful and unnecessary treatment for thousands of men, say doctors.

Researchers say the test will be more sensitive than current methods and will be in the form of a collection kit that will enable people to do a urine test in the comfort of their own home.

A prostate cancer diagnosis has now become easy with a simple "Home Urine Test": Gone are the days where men have to go for an aggressive and uncomfortable rectal examination and go physically to provide a urine sample for the diagnosis of Prostate cancer.

As well as diagnosing aggressive prostate cancer, the test predicts whether patients will require treatment up to five years sooner than standard methods.

"The most commonly used tests for prostate cancer include blood tests, a physical examination known as a digital rectal examination (DRE), an MRI scan or a biopsy".

"Because the prostate is constantly secreting, the collection of urine from men's first urination of the day means that the biomarker levels from the prostate are much higher and more consistent, so this is a great improvement".

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"Being ready to easily provide a urine pattern at home and put up a pattern off for prognosis would possibly presumably well per chance basically revolutionise prognosis".

This means men manufacture now no longer must hotfoot into the health facility to provide a urine pattern or to undergo a rectal exam. Lead researcher from Jeremy Clark stated, "Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men and usually develops slowly where the majority of cancers will not require treatment in a man's lifetime".

The research team provided 14 participants with an "At-home collection kit".

Simon Grieveson, head of study funding at Prostate Cancer UK, acknowledged: "We hope that this study will carry us a step closer to making a extra true and earlier prognosis a actuality for men with prostate most cancers". "This urine test has the potential to tell us whether we needed to intervene with these patients".

The findings, published in BioTechniques, could also help pioneer the development of home tests for bladder or kidney cancer.

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