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Spain goes to the polls with far right tipped to make gains

Spain goes to the polls with far right tipped to make gains

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's Socialists were on track to win Sunday's repeat election as first results confirmed a surge in support for the far-right Vox party, which was seen coming third with three-quarters of the votes counted.

Vox entered Spain's parliament for the first time after the April election, marking the first time a far-right party entered the legislature in four decades.

Spain's United We Can party leader Pablo Iglesias said he will offer assistance to the Socialists, led by interim Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, to form a stable leftist government.

In recent elections, such early opinion polls carried out using a different methodology did not always give an accurate picture of the eventual results.

The Socialists were pegged at just over 27% and poised to win between 114 and 119 seats, down from 123 they secured in the 350-seat house in April, according to GAD3.

In the most optimistic scenario for the left, it would get to a majority of 176 seats when adding various small regional parties and Catalan separatist lawmakers.

But the toughest line against the Catalan separatists has come from Vox leader Santiago Abascal.

Spain held its second parliamentary election of the year after being stuck in a political deadlock with no clear majority to govern the country.

"Spain needs a progressive government that puts the brakes on the far-right and a government that puts the brakes on the extremists also here in Catalonia, who are the separatists", he said during his final campaign rally in Barcelona on Friday.

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Much of the campaigns in the run-up to Sunday's vote focused on the heightened tensions over the independence movement in the northeastern region of Catalonia.

"I think we heed to take a heavy hand", she said.

In the breakaway region, where the build-up to the election has been marked by massive and sometimes violent protests at prison sentences handed down last month to nine independence leaders, Catalan President Quim Torra also made an appeal for "a massive turnout".

More than 600 people were injured in the protests, which saw demonstrators torching barricades and throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at police.

Vox has already joined forces with the other two right-of-centre parties to take over many city and regional governments and no one doubts the three would readily band together to oust Mr Sanchez.

The crowd responded by chanting "Torra to the dungeon".

Polling stations will close on Sunday evening and vote counting will start immediately.

The far-right Vox would more than double its current presence in the Congress of Deputies, from 24 to 53 seats.

In recent days, Mr Sanchez has repeatedly raised the alarm about Vox's "aggressive ultra-rightwing" policies, warning the party would drag the country back to the dark days of Franco's dictatorship. "But these changes will not make it easier to form a government, so the political situation is likely to remain hard after this weekend's vote", he added.

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