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Australian wildfires turn deadly, killing several people and destroying dozens of homes

Australian wildfires turn deadly, killing several people and destroying dozens of homes

A fire break was even dug around a cow who had just given birth on the Taylor property, which ensured the animals' survival as the blaze swept around them.

However, the Rural Fire Service tweeted on Friday they "couldn't get to everyone" affected by the fires. We can not guarantee an aircraft will be overhead every time a fire is impacting on your property.

On Wednesday, Morrison's climate-skeptic government announced a package of low-priced loans worth around 1 billion Australian dollars (US$690 million), created to help drought-stricken farmers struggling with the latest "big dry".

"And we certainly can not guarantee that despite our best efforts the technological tools available will deliver you a message in time".

According to the Rural Fire Service, firefighters were battling 64 fires in New South Wales as of 6 a.m. Monday, and 40 were not contained.

What you need to know about the bushfire dangers across the country.


Everybody has to be on alert no matter where you are.

"Catastrophic is as bad as it gets".

Bush fires are responsible for more mass casualties in modern Australian history than any other natural disaster, and the penalty for breaching the fire ban is 12 months in jail.

Firefighters found another body Saturday morning in a burned auto near Glenn Innes - a victim of the same fire that killed Chaplain.

"So the risk is very real".

Around 150 homes have been destroyed since Friday.

There is no rain forecast for the next week and temperatures are expected to remain in the high 20s and low 30s.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will also expand closures of national parks and reserves until further notice.

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"The use of the machinery and power tools in open areas has the potential to exacerbate the bushfire risk, which is why it is essential people do not use these tools outdoors".

Thousands of residents have been evacuated in Queensland.

"The more forensic process of getting in and doing the detailed assessments will come over coming days".

"We have seen the gravity of the situation unfold..."

Parts of Australia are experiencing serious bushfires and three people have died.

Ms Fletcher's body was discovered on Saturday night in a burnt-out home in the town of Johns River some 40km north of Taree on the mid-north coast.

The third victim was George Knowles, who was found dead inside his vehicle near Glen Innes.

At an evacuation centre in the town of Taree, Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised the work of firefighters, volunteers and members of the community but spoke of challenging days ahead.

"The devastating and horrific fires that we have seen, particularly in New South Wales but also in Queensland, have been absolutely chilling", Morrison said.

Queensland Premier Anastasia Paluszek said authorities were still assessing if it was safe for almost 2,000 people to return home. "With changing weather conditions, they could flare up in the future", he said on Saturday morning.

More than 30 people have been injured, majority firefighters. "We will be wanting as many firefighters available and on stand-by tomorrow".

There are reports residents may have become trapped in a number of locations, with firefighters unable to reach them in time.

They wrote: "Today has been a hard and risky day".

New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian warned that next week's weather forecast "could mean we're not through the worst of it".

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