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Nationals who spurned White House visit missed out (and missed the point)

Nationals who spurned White House visit missed out (and missed the point)

Donald Trump might've gotten hit with the universal boo's and "Lock him up" chants from Washington fans during game 5 of the World Series in DC, but the divider-in-chief still has a MAGA supporter in Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki.

"Washington Nats fans divided over team's White House visit The Washington Nationals, winners of the baseball World Series, have capped off an American underdog story with a White House trip - and made the team subject to 'cancel culture" in the #Resistance era. "National" to "Mr. Nationalist", an apparent reference to the following Trump has in the white nationalist community.

"Where's Kurt?" Trump asked for Suzuki at the podium.

An LGBT ally, Doolittle, told The Washington Post that he and his wife, who has two mothers, disagree with a lot of President Donald Trump's policies.

"I love you guys and I hope to come back next year too", he said.

Trump, who took delight in the gesture, hugged Suzuki from behind. "I didn't know that was going to happen", said the president.

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Suzuki's gesture immediately went viral online, sparking mixed reactions.

In text messages to USA Today Sports, Suzuki explained that he was "just trying to have some fun" when he pulled out and donned the MAGA hat. How people of color continue to promote this f*ckery is beyond us, but the Hawaiian born Major League Baseball player is obviously unaware of the danger he'd be in if he were ever to find himself in deep red Trump country just based off the color of his skin and his immigrant-ish features.

On Oct. 4, 1924, "Silent Cal" Coolidge became the first president to attend a World Series opener.

Nats first baseman Ryan Zimmerman presented the president with a No. 45 custom jersey.

Suzuki put the "Make America Great Again" baseball cap on and said just a few words: "I love you all", twice, then "Thank you", and flashed a double fist shaka to the crowd.

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