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Donald Trump Jr. spars with 'The View' co-hosts in heated debate

Donald Trump Jr. spars with 'The View' co-hosts in heated debate

"I mean, there was no outrage when, you know, my family got an exploding letter of, you know, with white powder substance in it", he stated.

Donald Trump Jr. will be in the Villages tomorrow promoting his book. And I often think, why doesn't Trump have a dog? "This is tough. I would like there to be more civility in politics". "Or Kim for that matter".

While the couple sparred with the show's co-hosts on a variety of hot-button political topics, it was a particularly poignant moment when Meghan McCain took the floor that emerged as one of the episode's most notable clips.

This is after the panel accused of him of revealing the alleged whistleblower.

Sunny Hostin asked Don address the apparent hypocrisy between him criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter for financially benefiting from the Biden name at the same time that the Trumps are still doing business while their dad is president.

It all began after a host of the show questioned the president's character and his habit of personal attacks against his critics, reports People Magazine. "But when it is worth it is when I do go around the country and I see people who are affected by these policies, who are getting to live their American dream again". "When you're talking about attacking Gold Star families who have given the ultimate sacrifice. and you put them through pain. Does it make you feel like this was worth it?"

ABC News did not immediately respond to a series of questions, including whether or not Trump Jr will be allowed back on The View. They've ceded ground to the liberals and the liberal elite for decades by not actually fighting back.

"I don't think any of that makes me feel good, but I think we got into this because we wanted to do what's right for America".

"Can I say one thing really quick?" she interjected. "I understand how hard it is, and I understand how hard it is for (Don Jr.) when everybody is attacking his family". "No sitting president has taken the heat that President Trump has", he stated.

"I comprehend that and I am sorry about that, they did have differences", he stated, just before sharing his condolences to Meghan for the current reduction of her aunt as effectively.

Jobs miss keeps door open for Bank of Canada to cut rates
The manufacturing sector lost 23,000 jobs, mostly in Ontario, while the construction sector lost 21,000. Canada's unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.5 percent.

Trump Jr. added, "We've all done things that we regret".

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle blasted host of "The View" Joy Behar on Thursday and brought up the "blackface" she has previously worn.

"No, I have not!"

Asked by Sean Hannity why he "even bothered" appearing on "The View", Trump said: "You know, every once in a while you got to try".

"No, she was not in blackface". Goldberg defended her colleague as saying, "No, she was not in blackface". "Now that you've broken this piece of ice, because I guess it is the fight you wanted ... are you questioning my character?" She understands this world and unfortunately my world has drastically changed from what I was used to before politics, and everything to be able to do this, ' he said.

Don Jr. proceeded to suggest that although he understood his father had said things that were "controversial" and "offended a lot of people", it was justified because he "took on the establishment".

In 2009, on the same show Goldberg had said about the Polanski incident that "it wasn't rape-rape".

"It's just that, for me, it would not have been worth it".

As the jeers rained down, Goldberg explained on air "Children, kids, kids, little ones, youngsters, end yourselves".

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