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Qantas completes testing longest passenger flight

Qantas completes testing longest passenger flight

Qantas has completed a historic non-stop test flight from NY to Sydney, researching the potential impacts on pilots, crew and passengers of what would be the world's longest commercial airplane journey.

The longest accurate passenger flight touched down in Australia Sunday morning after better than 19 hours in the air, a milestone skedaddle from NY that Qantas hopes to parlay into industrial success. "This is the first of three test flights after which we will be able to see what recommendations we can make in relation to how pilots manage their fatigue, and for passengers to manage jet lag", said Mr. Joyce after landing in Sydney.

Once that happens, it would be the world's longest commercial passenger air service, beating current routes of Singapore to NY, and Doha to Auckland.

Passengers set their watches to Sydney time after boarding and were kept awake until night fell in eastern Australia to reduce their jetlag.

At almost 20 hours, the unprecedented journey is ready to be the world's longest flight.

Data from the experiments, which measured the wellbeing of staff during the flight - including pilot brain waves, melatonin levels and alertness - will be used to help with crew rosters and customer service on board the ultra-long-haul service.

"We know the demand's there", Mr Joyce said, referring to the Sydney-New York route.

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Other ultra-long-haulers include Singapore Airlines, which has resumed non-stop flights from its home base to NY, and Qatar Airways, which offers an 18-hour direct trip from Auckland to Doha. In particular, data gathered from monitoring of the pilots and flight attendants will be used to help Qantas make a case to Australian aviation regulators that it's safe to have crew work in shifts for potentially 20 hours or more.

Four pilots were on rotation throughout the flight, with two other pilots in the cabin.

The flight crew and passengers were welcomed in Sydney by Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham. Two more research flights are planned as part of the project evaluations - London to Sydney in November and another NY to Sydney in December.

A Boeing 787-9 will operate the flight, but Qantas is also pushing both Airbus and Boeing to adapt present models of both the A350 and 777x to enable the route to be commercially viable.

These experiences include lights and temperatures adjusting throughout the flight as well as guided meditations and stretching exercises.

There will be two more additional research flights before the end of the year.

The experimental flights come as Qantas is poised to make a decision on whether to proceed with Project Sunrise, which would see it fly non-stop from eastern Australia to NY and London.

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