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U.S. ground troops will not enforce Syria safe zone: defense secretary

U.S. ground troops will not enforce Syria safe zone: defense secretary

Their agreement mandates 120 hours of a ceasefire of military operations while the US facilitates the withdrawal of YPG from the Safe Zone. The deal is meant to last 5 days (120 hours), giving the U.S. time to evacuate Kurdish SDF forces from the area.

The truce was announced by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence after talks in Ankara with Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan, and was swiftly hailed by President Donald Trump, who said it would save "millions of lives". The larger Turkey's space, the more bargaining power Turkey has vis-à-vis the Assad regime for a handshake between Erdogan and Assad that will include Turkey potentially returning those territories to Assad and Assad shutting down the YPG and agreeing the return of some refugees to Syria.

Just hours before the US-Turkey talks, a freaky letter appeared in the US media from Trump to Erdogan, in which the US leader urged Erdogan not to be a "fool" and warned his Turkish counterpart that history risked branding him a "devil". Turkey invaded after the US moved its troops aside, abandoning the Syrian Kurdish fighters America had partnered with against the Islamic State group.

But Turkish officials did not agree with the characterization.

Turkey has agreed to a tentative ceasefire in northern Syria to allow Kurdish-led forces to withdraw. "This is not a cease-fire". "Whether they incorporate that later into a Turkish-controlled safe zone, it was not discussed in any detail".

The Turkish assault began after Trump moved US troops out of the way following an October 6 phone call with Erdogan.

However, the same day the letter was received, Turkey launched a cross-border offensive against Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria. He added that "it seems under this deal [Turkey] want to commit more massacres". "Our administration's been very clear", he said.

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Ankara says its military operation is against the YPG which it views as a terrorist group.

The last-minute deal came after USA forces left destruction in the wake of their retreat in a sign that American units were leaving hastily.

The Kurds were US allies in the fight against the Islamic State but came under assault after Trump ordered USA troops to pull out. Trump said nothing further about the European nations he contended had agreed to take some of the ISIL fighters.

Senator Mitt Romney, the Republicans' presidential nominee in 2012, said he welcomed the ceasefire but it "does not change the fact that America has abandoned an ally". Turkey initially got to slaughter Kurds at the invitation of the American president.

Trump defended his decision last week to redeploy about 1,000 USA soldiers from northern Syria as "strategically brilliant" for the United States, while saying he had no problem if Russian Federation helped Syria in a conflict with Turkey.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has denied reports coming from northern Syria, about fighting in the region despite the ceasefire agreement. At a time when we're applying maximum pressure on Iran by giving them a stronger hand in Syria, we've actually weakened that pressure. But American sway with the group has diminished after Trump turned his back on it by withdrawing USA soldiers from northeast Syria, opening the way for Turkey to launch its invasion 10 days ago. "They fought for a few days and it was pretty vicious".

"Let's work out a good deal", Trump had urged in the letter.

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