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'Shaken To My Core': Testimony Describes Conditions For Detained Migrants

'Shaken To My Core': Testimony Describes Conditions For Detained Migrants

During a visit two migrant detention centers in Texas on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence acknowledged how "tough" conditions were in one of the facilities and even offered that "no", conditions were not acceptable.

Pence travelled to the Mexico border on Friday as protesters rallied in several U.S. cities urging the government to shut down what they call "concentration camps".

Demonstrators hold a "Lights for Liberty" rally march and vigil near the US Mexico border on Friday.

The stench was horrendous, according to reporters traveling with Pence who were allowed into the area for 90 seconds. After being sworn in at her request, a practice the committee generally eschews for fellow lawmakers and seemed a taunt at dubious Republicans, she described migrant women telling her they had to sleep on the concrete floor and drink from the toilet because their cell's sink was broken.

When reporters toured the facility before Pence, the men screamed that they'd been held there 40 days, some longer.

"To be honest with you, I was not surprised by what I saw", Pence said afterward. The crisis at our southern border is not a 'manufactured crisis, ' it is real and is overwhelming our system. "It's overwhelmed and that's why Congress has to act".

"The facts are, we have a crisis on our southern border that is being driven by human traffickers who are exploiting loopholes in American law to entice vulnerable families to make the long and unsafe journey north", he said. "It is time for Democrats in Congress to step, do their jobs, and end this crisis", Pence wrote on Twitter. "Our Customs and Border Protection as you heard today are saving lives every day", Pence said.

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Speaking in front of the crowd, one protester said, "And these children no longer have the opportunity to dream the American dream, which is the one that they had or their families had". They said they hadn't had access to showers or toothbrushes. He said they were given deodorant after showering, but conceded numerous men had not showered for 10 or 20 days.

"People are making billions of dollars exploiting these people", Graham said during a roundtable discussion held just after the delegation had visited the Donna processing center - a soft-sided structure meant to accommodate 500 migrants, but which senators on Friday said contained close to 1,000 people.

Pence asked the children if they had food and were being taken care of. Reporters saw stacks of clothes, water bottles, juice and diapers in the facility.

Pence said he had read the report, but added, "I can't account for that", when pressed by CNN about images of conditions similar to those of the McAllen facilities for families with children featured in the DHS inspector general's report.

As Pence toured the facilities, a House committee was having a contentious, partisan debate back in Washington over how migrants have been treated. He said they would sometimes call them "puto" -- and other derogatory terms in Spanish -- while giving orders.

In Donna, Pence saw oversized, air-conditioned facilities, with children and their parents lying on cots, watching animated movies and eating snacks. Detention facilities for adults - and children - swelled.

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