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NFLPA's Smith shoots down possibility of 18-game schedule

NFLPA's Smith shoots down possibility of 18-game schedule

For the same reasons that an 18-game season would make both sides more money, the players say it would also undercut several points they're focused on addressing in this round of bargaining.

Per Andrew Beaton of The Wall Street Journal, the new proposal would not only give owners an 18-game schedule, which would essentially raise their revenue by around $2.5 million, but players would be limited to play in 16 of those games. Those include improving conditions for middle-class players, who face short career spans, non-guaranteed contracts and post-career health concerns-concerns that might be undercut by playing more football. But is it good for us?

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Packers chief executive Mark Murphy floated a compromise on Friday, suggesting the league expand the season one week and use the extra game for worldwide or neutral site appearances.

Let us know in the poll and comments below. "Maybe another way to do this is to add one neutral site game and one worldwide one for every team, so we can use this to grow the game". That solution would be used to protect the health of the players. They are proposing these changes a couple years out from a potential nightmare standoff between the owners and the NFL Players' Association when the NFL's collective bargaining agreement expires at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season. But the conversations around an expanded schedule have approached a new level of creativity, three people familiar with the discussions said, with the possibilities including expanded rosters and mandating players only participate in a certain number of games. They're reportedly considering some insane ideas to make it work. "It's not our job to put that square peg in the round hole". The NFLPA believes that increase would add another $15 million to the salary cap limit for each team in the first year. If the team did not honor his request, he said he wanted to be traded. It's an opinion whether you agree with him.

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