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LeBron James' number gift to Anthony Davis will have to wait

LeBron James' number gift to Anthony Davis will have to wait

Davis will likely decline the final year of his deal to become a free agent next summer, but the 26-year-old is expected to re-sign long term to remain in L.A. He averaged 28 points in 77 games with the Thunder last season while grabbing 8.2 rebounds a game. If I focus time on responding to individual criticism, any minute or five minutes of time I spend on that is a minute or five minutes of time away from building the team and putting this team in a position to win championships. One of the greatest players ever to play this game added to that. He can protect the rim.

"I had brief conversations with them after it, they think they got lucky with it", Green said. "LeBron [James] and Anthony Davis are here".

Davis is scheduled to hold his Lakers introductory news conference Saturday. Following the reports that indicated Davis wouldn't be able to accept No. 23 from LeBron James, he took to Instagram on the eve of his official introduction to announce that he would be wearing No. 3 in his first season as a Laker. "We know he's pulling for the Lakers; he's made that very clear". When I called him back, it went straight to voicemail. "I don't really like playing the 5, but if it comes down to it, Coach, I'll play the 5".

But no fear, Davis is a quick decision-maker. And we've just appreciated the support he's shown from the outside.

You see, AD was watching a movie, because he is a human, and sometimes, humans like watching movies. I think the league has grown, I think it's better.

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Pelinka then offered some further clarity.

"I think it'll be a lot of fun", he said. Just two years after teasing National Basketball Association fans in free agency, he can do so yet again. "It's always about making the right play between me and him, and we're genuinely happy for one another".

Vogel will ultimately decide how to distribute frontcourt minutes this season, and possibilities are expansive. How much of that depends on the opponent? Do you bludgeon it with LeBron-Davis-Cousins?

While LeBron more or less already plays the point, he has been primarily utilized in a point forward role as opposed to a point guard. What if that team isn't playing a big?

If you thought that was enough to get Green some inside information on Leonard's decision, you would be wrong. He'll be dominant regardless.

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