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House Democrats Feud With Ocasio-Cortez's Chief Of Staff On Twitter

House Democrats Feud With Ocasio-Cortez's Chief Of Staff On Twitter

Trump, who walked out of a nuclear accord with Iran and instead slapped sweeping sanctions, last month authorized a strike on the Islamic republic after it shot down a United States spy drone - but called it off at the last minute. Chakrabarti's attack on the party leadership was followed his boss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez herself accusing Speaker Pelosi of singling out "women of color" in the party after she (Pelosi) had referenced his tweets and warned in a closed door meeting against party cadres airing grievances in public. "We don't need any more black faces that don't want to be a black voice". "It is one of morality".

At the Netroots liberal summit, some of Ocasio-Cortez's core supporters were asked to weigh in on their fight with Pelosi and moderate Democrats. "Keep Her Name Out Of Your Mouth", the @HouseDemocrats account tweeted.

Congress approved $4.6 billion last month to help improve conditions.

The latest spat erupted after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) admonished Ocasio-Cortez and her three closest allies, criticizing them for their alleged overuse of Twitter over working on legislation and other matters in the real world.

Ocasio-Cortez replied, "No, no, absolutely not, absolutely not". Trump vetoed a separate measure on Yemen earlier this year. Hundreds were held longer than previously revealed, including 25 kept over a year, and at least 30 remain apart from their parents.

Hong Kong protests target Chinese traders
Clashes broke out between police and protesters at the end of a several-thousand-strong march in Hong Kong on Saturday. This story was first published on CNN .com, "Hong Kong police pepper spray protesters at the Chinese border ".

The figures reflected "a deliberate, unnecessary and cruel choice by President Trump and his administration", the report said. It also allows USA detainees at a military base in Guantanamo Bay to be moved to the United States, something Republicans have said represents a back-door effort to force the Administration to close the controversial detention facility. Twenty of them basically blew up Pelosi's bill. Because we live in a civilized country, most Americans are perfectly capable of understanding that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can be shallow and meretricious without taking the entire female or Latino population along with her. Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are Muslims, socialists, and what we have been taught to call "women of color" - the Detroit-born daughter of a Palestinian family and a Somalia-born immigrant, respectively - and criticism of them predictably is recast as criticism of Muslims, women of color, categorically. As Guy pointed out, "She later clarified that she "absolutely" does not consider Pelosi a racist, of course - just as Kamala Harris so generously said about Biden, despite implying the opposite".

Also raising political temperatures are Trump-ordered nationwide raids targeting people in the USA illegally expected to start this weekend, according to administration officials and immigrant activists.

The committee hearing came as Vice President Mike Pence toured a migrant detention facility in Donna, Texas.

Pelosi said the House will soon work on one bill by Escobar tightening oversight of the Homeland Security Department and barring most family separations. Well, flash forward to 2019 and there is an all-out civil war going in Speaker of the House Pelosi's part that is replete with accusations of racism, sexism, and ageism that leftists typically reserve for hurling at Republicans.

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