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Google lets you play 8-bit Wimbledon tennis in Search

Google lets you play 8-bit Wimbledon tennis in Search

As the Wimbledon 2019 inches closer to the end, Google has quietly introduced a browser game which you can play on your phone as well as desktop.

Some haven't seen the tennis ball in their results so it might be available only in some territories or it may just appear randomly for some users.

July means the tennis world is abuzz with action and drama, as the Wimbledon final approaches.

To get there, search for #Wimbledon using Google. The game gets over as you miss a return.Unlike other Google games, you can not share your high score with friends. You can find it at, it's a fairly well-known website, and you may have heard of it. Rather than get bogged down in simulating an actual game of tennis, Google's tennis game is a high score challenge against an unstoppable opposition.

From this interactive graphic, scroll along to the far right of the fixtures box and you'll find a small tennis ball. You'll need to click on that.

Resultados F1: parrilla de salida de la carrera en Silverstone
Es la 4ª pole position del año de Bottas (había sido el más veloz en España , Azerbaijan y China), y la 10ª en la Fórmula 1 .

For tennis fans who are already experiencing withdrawals since the Wimbledon tournament is nearly over, Google has something to tide you over until the next Grand Slam event.

Tap to start the game. You can pull up either of these games just by typing the titles into Google's search engine, although you must navigate to the images tab to play "Breakout".

Firstly, you don't have to press the arrows repeatedly to move, and it can be easier to press and hold the directional arrows. If you miss the ball, then you lose. Expect the ball to bounce back at some random angles! Don't go by the looks of the game because as you progress, it becomes more challenging.

Playing against you is a robot that's just one of many robots that can appear in the game including a cat, and even an Android itself, which is just great.

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