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Coast Guard Raided A Cocaine-Filled Submarine

Coast Guard Raided A Cocaine-Filled Submarine

But on June 18, there was a positive hit on a narco-submarine hundreds of miles off the Colombian and Ecuadoran coast in waters patrolled by the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro.

Footage has emerged of a submarine halted in dramatic style by the US Coast Guard in worldwide waters, with the crew suspected of drug smuggling.

Crew members onboard one of the vessels can be heard shouting at those inside the submersible as it approaches.

The seizure by the US Coast Guard Cutter Munro was one of a number that occurred recently in the Pacific Ocean.

Fifty-five smuggling suspects were arrested over 14 operations conducted in global waters off Mexico, Central and South America. The video shows one boat pulling up alongside the sub while a coast guard officer shouts at the suspected smugglers in Spanish.

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In the video, two U.S. Coast Guard boats can be seen speeding through choppy waves in pursuit of the semi-submersible, which is cruising with the top of its hull just above the surface. Boarding them can be "hairy", he said - smugglers can be armed, and when caught, they typically open a valve to quickly fill the vessel with water, sending all the drugs and evidence to the ocean floor.

The drugs seized during the dramatic boarding are among the estimated $569 million in drugs seized from the Pacific that were offloaded Thursday in San Diego, according to Coast Guard officials.

The Coast Guard, he said say, is tasked with patrolling the area with the equivalent of two police cars. In a speech aboard the Cutter Munro, Pence praised the Coast Guard's work, saying, "Make no mistake about it, Coasties, your courageous service is saving American lives". The alleged smugglers were taken for prosecution by the DEA.

"They're not really effective enough to meet this new threat", Brickey said.

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