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A Stranger Things And Chernobyl Crossover? This Theory Doesn't Sound That Crazy

A Stranger Things And Chernobyl Crossover? This Theory Doesn't Sound That Crazy

At Big Red Louie, the only thing distracting us from the 2019-20 season is the third season of the critically acclaimed binge-watch worthy Stranger Things on Netflix. During an interview with EW, The Duffer Brothers mentioned that next time we could well be heading out of Hawkins and moving away from the plot tropes that have made the series such a success. I wasn't insane about the second season and was hesitant going into this one, but after binging the eight new episodes, I'm happy to report that the show was bigger and better than ever before. Equally interesting: The massive popularity of Stranger Things is starting to lead to HBO/Game of Thrones-style questions, about whether the streamer can keep the momentum going.

While the creators behind the sci-fi series are yet to confirm a release date of Stranger Things 4, it appears they're following a pattern.

Now, because animated films, even short ones, take a fair amount of time to produce, the above video contains only scenes from the first two seasons of Netflix's smash-hit series. That's sort of where we are in season four.

There will also likely be some new additions, following the successful introductions of Erica (Lucas' sister) and Robin (Steve's love interest) in the latest series. Included in the colorful handful of chocolate sweets is a red one - a color of M&M that didn't exist in 1985 when Stranger Things season 3 takes place. Stick with us in the meantime for more on the hottest television shows and a look at what's happening in movies.

Coast Guard Raided A Cocaine-Filled Submarine
Fifty-five smuggling suspects were arrested over 14 operations conducted in global waters off Mexico, Central and South America. The video shows one boat pulling up alongside the sub while a coast guard officer shouts at the suspected smugglers in Spanish.

Yes, all the people watched "Stranger Things 3" over the July 4 holiday weekend.

One potential factor in Season 2 ranking so low is its highly-devisive episode "The Lost Sister", which we enjoyed but felt was out of place, as it left Hawkins, Indiana for a bit of a side story, just as the season's momentum was ramping up.

Stranger Things 3 ended with the apparent death of Jim Hopper, who was last seen trapped in the vicinity of the Russians' "key" machine right as it exploded, vaporizing everyone else in sight.

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