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U.S. woman gets marijuana birthday cake instead of Moana cake

U.S. woman gets marijuana birthday cake instead of Moana cake

The cake they received was incorrectly, but artistically prepared - complete with green letters, a cannabis leaf and a "high" pony with "red eyes" and a puff of smoke blowing from its snout.

"I think they thought that she said "marijuana" because we are from south Georgia and kind of have an accent".

Davis' mother had called and ordered the cake from a local Georgia Dairy Queen.

'That ice cream cake was still good though!'

"Trust me she was so embarrassed I told her it was hilarious", Ms Davis replied.

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- If "Moana" and "marijuana" sounds the same to you, you're not alone.

A recent request for a Moana birthday cake went awry when the cake decorator mistook the word Moana for marijuana.

Tammy had asked for a cake decorated with the Hawaiian heroine of the 2016 Disney movie. Assam Police's Tweet on Seizing 600 Kgs of Marijuana Gets Twitterati High on Sarcasm, Check Funny Tweets. "I just need to know where she ordered it cause I want this", they wrote. Davis added that the woman who made the cake did apologize and offer to decorate a new one after finding out what happened.

Her post has since been shared 11,000 times with people in hysterics. "What kinda party is Tammy throwing over there!???" wrote one of Ms Davis' friends.

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