Publicado: Vie, Julio 12, 2019
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Apple to launch one notch-less iPhone in 2020, three in 2021

Apple to launch one notch-less iPhone in 2020, three in 2021

According to the second analyst, the 2021 iPhone could abandon Face ID in favor of a full screen in-display fingerprint reader for Touch ID. The Credit Suisse investment firm's analyst claims that all three iPhone models that will be launched after a couple of years will be released without any notch. From a security standpoint, Face ID is 20 times more secure than Touch ID as Face ID gives a false positive one out of every million tries and Touch ID returns a false positive in just one out of every 50,000 tries.

The iPhone Notch has been controversial, with many unhappy with the way it makes the iPhone look and claiming that Apple has compromised on usability and style by switching to a notch before it had developed under-the-screen fingerprint technology.

The very same analysts state that all three iPhone models will come without a notch in 2021 thereby finishing the transition to under-display front cameras and full-screen fingerprint biometric authentication.

Kuo's note suggests that Apple's 2020 iPhones will feature a smaller front-facing camera cutout, therefore reducing the size of the notch. This also suggests that we could expect at least one iPhone without a notch in 2020.

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Ramping up manufacturing in India will also help Apple fulfill local sourcing norms, a necessary criterion for opening its own stores in India. The company is also working on a fourth iPhone with in-display Touch ID support aimed specifically at Chinese buyers. As a result, all upcoming iPhone models are expected to either lose the notch entirely or feature a smaller notch than the existing models.

The notch has been a controversial feature since its launch with the iPhone X in 2017. Since the debut of the notch on smartphones, many have believed it is a temporary thing that smartphone makers will take away sooner or later.

Note that these reports say nothing about the iPhones coming out this year - these will likely all have a notch and be quite similar to the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

Now the recent reports back such speculations. It is a cornerstone of the Apple experience, but the whole Face ID module is rather large, so hiding it is an extremely hard task.

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