Publicado: Mier, Junio 26, 2019
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Neo-Nazi festival runs dry after locals and police take all the beer

Five hundred to six hundred Neo-Nazis attended the right-wing Schild und Schwert ("Shield and Sword" or "SS") rock music festival, compared with 1,200 a year ago.

Some 2,000 locals in the eastern town of Ostritz also rallied against the far right. The court felt there was a risk that alcohol could make violence more likely.

Locals suspected that fans would descend on supermarkets, bought more than bought more than 100 crates of beer in anticipation of the neo-Nazis' arrival.

With the support of a court-imposed alcohol ban, police successfully confiscated over 1,162 gallons of beer.

"We already had it planned a week before", local activist Georg Salditt explained to Germany's Bild newspaper.

A woman and a man push a shopping cart with beer crates along the street near a local supermarket to protest the Shield and Sword Festival.

"When the Nazis heard what we are up to, they shouted obscenities at us", said Mr Salditt, who works at a local Christian events centre.

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Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung daily says 500-600 fans attended the festival, compared with some 1,200 a year ago. "We thought, if there's going to be an alcohol ban, we'll buy up everything at Penny (a German grocery store)".

1,400 officers were deployed from right around Germany and it seems they kept the crowds under control.

Reps for the Saxony regional police reported that aside from a few minor incidents, the event went smoothly. Spiegel magazine ran a headline of "Prost, Ostritz!" or "Cheers, Ostritz!"

Tensions have been flaring up in Germany - and in the eastern state of Saxony in particular - following Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to keep borders open during the height of the refugee crisis in 2015.

Chemnitz, an eastern city, saw big far-right demonstrations last August.

Locals cleared supermarket shelves of beer ahead of the festival. "We will have a wonderful celebration shortly", said Schlitt.

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