Publicado: Jue, Junio 13, 2019
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Google spends $21.7 million on lobbying, becomes top tech spender in US

Google spends $21.7 million on lobbying, becomes top tech spender in US

Also Read: Even as media groups' income shrinks, Google earns $4.7 billion from news in 2018: Report In a stern warning to tech giants earlier this month, the US House's anti-trust committee opened probes into Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and other firms to determine if they prevent competition and hurt consumers.

According to The New York Times, the Department of Justice (DoJ) will handle Apple and Google while the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will take on Facebook and Amazon.

Speaking with CNBC, Trump said "something's going on" when it comes to the concentrated power of today's tech titans.

Tech giant Google spent $21.7 million on lobbying efforts previous year to influence lawmakers as the government and regulators sought great scrutiny from tech companies related to users' privacy and unfair market practices. "Well, we should be doing that, they're our companies". "They just think this is easy money".

"He said the European Union is deciding that "'we'll sue Apple for $7 billion and we'll make a settlement or win the case, '" so I think it is a bad situation but obviously there is something going on in terms of monopoly".

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Trump indicated, however, that the U.S. might take a different tact.

"We're gonna look at it differently", he said of USA authorities.

Later in the interview, pointing to the European Union's heavy fines against companies, including Google, Trump said Europe was "actually attacking our companies". "We have a great attorney general - we're going to look at it differently". Trump also talked about Huawei and 5G.

The president took the opportunity to rant against the tech giants - and baselessly accused them of colluding with Democrats. The real collusion is between the Democrats and these companies because they were so against me during my election run. "We'll sue Apple for $7 billion and we'll make a settlement or we'll win the case". The company expects to be fined up to United States dollars 5 billion from an FTC investigation that began after last year's Cambridge Analytica scandal, probing whether Facebook violated a 2011 agreement it made with the agency that required getting explicit consent to share user data, the report said.

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