Publicado: Mier, Junio 12, 2019
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Hezbollah-linked bomb factory in London "kept hidden" from 2015

Hezbollah-linked bomb factory in London

The report said the raid was hidden from United Kingdom members of parliament and it questioned whether senior figures in the British government did so to prevent endangering***the Iranian nuclear agreement.

The man was eventually released without charge.

Three tonnes of it in a raw form were uncovered by an intelligence-led operation and one man was arrested but later released.

British Metropolitan police and MI5 agents discovered a Hezbollah explosive stockpile and bomb factory in the outskirts of London, England, in 2015, the UK's Telegraph reported on Sunday.

The deal, signed in July that year, promised to lift sanctions on Tehran in return for restrictions on its nuclear programme.

It had also been hidden from MPs who were debating whether to fully ban Hezbollah.

The discovery was so serious that David Cameron and Theresa May, then the prime minister and home secretary, were personally briefed on what had been found.

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Hezbollah's militant wing was banned at the time but the Lebanese Shiite group in its entirety was only added to Britain's terrorist group list earlier this year.

Samer El Debek was arrested in the U.S. in 2017 accused of being part of the Islamic Jihad Organisation (IJO), part of Hezbollah that was responsible for planning attacks outside Lebanon. One well-placed source described the plot as "proper organised terrorism", while another said enough explosive materials were stored to do "a lot of damage", the Daily Telegraph reported.

He has not yet gone on trial. Iran is a major sponsor of Hezbollah activities.

The British authorities found three metric tons of ammonium nitrate - an amount greater than that used in the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people - in four properties in northwest London, the Telegraph reports.

A third Hezbollah operative was convicted last month of planning to carry out terrorist attacks in the USA on targets including JFK Airport.

Sources told the paper that the pattern of behavior from those linked to the group suggested a wider operation, after a similar find was made in Thailand and a New York-based member appeared to seek out a foreign ice pack manufacturer.

They included an alleged attempt to bomb an Iranian opposition rally in France in June past year and an assassination plot targeting other anti-regime officials in exile in Denmark. Hezbollah, for all intents and purposes, controls the Lebanese government.

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