Publicado: Mar, Junio 11, 2019
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Tree symbolising Trump-Macron friendship has died

Tree symbolising Trump-Macron friendship has died

In a tweet at the time, Macron said: "100 years ago, American soldiers fought in France, in Belleau to defend our freedom".

The roots of the story go back to April 2018, when the Macron-Trump friendship was being described as a "bromance", and the French president and his wife, Brigitte, were feted at the only state dinner the Trumps have hosted. But it apparently died during the quarantine period and was never replaced or replanted.

The tree, which came from a forest where 2,000 USA soldiers died in WWI, was taken to quarantine a few days after being planted. Macron had gifted his American counterpart a young oak, which the two leaders had planted at the White House lawn.

But relations between France and the U.S. have since frayed - over issues ranging from Iran to trade - and the tree did not survive, a diplomatic source said this week.

Paseaba con su papá en la playa, una ola lo arrastró y murió ahogado
Mientras el nene y su padre se encontraban caminando, de manera repentina, una fuerte ola los golpeó y los arrastró al mar. Aunque el padre logró salir, no logró salvar a su hijo.

But a few days later, the tree was nowhere to be seen, having disappeared into quarantine. The quarantine is mandatory for any living organism imported to the US.

The death of the tree was first reported in France's Le Monde newspaper last week, during Trump's visit to the beaches of Normandy for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. The report was confirmed by Le Figaro and AFP.

During the talks with Trump, Macron mentioned that both the USA and France have the same goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The yellowed grass where a tree was planted by Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

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