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Urgent alert after hospital sandwiches linked with three deaths

Urgent alert after hospital sandwiches linked with three deaths

Three Britons have died of food poisoning after eating pre-packaged sandwiches, United Kingdom health authorities said Friday, stressing that the risk to the wider public remained "low".

Three hospital patients have died in an outbreak of listeria linked to pre-packed sandwiches.

It said the sandwiches' supplier, The Good Food Chain, had voluntarily ceased production while an investigation is underway.

Three hospital patients in the North West have died following an outbreak of listeria.

On the wesbite, PHE released the followed statement: Public Health England (PHE), The Food Standards Agency (FSA), Public Health Wales (PHW), Food Standards Scotland (FSS), Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and a number of local authorities are now investigating the source of listeria infections linked to pre-packed sandwiches. North Country Quality Foods has also voluntarily ceased production.

Public Health England noted that the National Health Service in England and Wales typically sees 166 cases of listeria infection a year.

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A spokesman said: "We are continuing to work with Public Health England, NHS England and the Food Standards Agency to support their investigation into the cases of listeria that have been identified, which may be linked to one of the trust's food suppliers".

Nick Phin, an infection specialist at PHE, said that in this outbreak, the risk of further cases was relatively low, as was the risk to the general public.

Dr Colin Sullivan, chief operating officer at the Food Standards Agency, said: "Our sympathies are with the families of those patients who have tragically passed away".

Listeria is a bacteria that causes illness from contaminated food. We have taken action along with local authorities to minimise the risk based on the evidence so far.

Pregnant women, newborns, older adults and anyone with a weakened immune system are most at risk for Listeriosis infection.

"The FSA will continue to investigate how the outbreak occurred and if further steps are required to protect vulnerable groups", he added.

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