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Elon Musk SpaceX satellites in the sky get ufologists all atwitter

Elon Musk SpaceX satellites in the sky get ufologists all atwitter

At 10:30 p.m., a Falcon 9 rocket took off with 60 small satellites packed in its fairing, signaling the first launch of SpaceX's next-generation Starlink constellation.

The company, founded in 2002 and owned by its CEO Elon Musk, says Starlink will "connect end users with low-latency, high-bandwidth broadband services by providing continual coverage around the world using a network of thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit".

SpaceX announced that all 60 satellites have deployed their solar arrays successfully. This mission was ambitious and expensive, and has been delayed twice before due to poor weather conditions like strong winds, reports Reuters. Mr. Musk stated that Starlink will provide internet to people in the most remote areas of the world where it is very expensive and sometimes unreliable.

This is a great website, which will help you to locate not only the Starlink swarm of satellites, but also help you locate the times of passage of many other bright spacecraft, such as the International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope. According to Reuters, Musk is expecting Starlink services to bring in an annual income of $3 billion.

SpaceX launches a rocket containing the first 60 satellites of its "Starlink" constellation, which is meant to provide internet from space and could one day number 12,000 satellites. However, those unaware of the launch reported that they had seen UFOs. SpaceX intends to get nearly 12,000 of them into low Earth orbit, where they'll split into three separate groups that are each encased in an orbital shell.

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To adjust position on orbit, maintain intended altitude, and deorbit, Starlink satellites feature Hall thrusters powered by krypton.

The first successful mission put Tesla ahead Amazon and SoftBank-backed OneWeb (which sent 6 web satellites to space in February) in the beamed from space internet business.

Once these satellites are in the upper atmosphere, they will align their solar panels toward the sun and form a constellation of interlinked satellites.

Each of the satellites weighs just 500 pounds and was built in-house in Redmond, near Seattle.

NASA estimates there are more than 5,000 satellites orbiting the Earth.

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