Publicado: Sáb, May 18, 2019
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Treasury Department rejects subpoena for Trump's taxes; Neal to seek enforcement

Treasury Department rejects subpoena for Trump's taxes; Neal to seek enforcement

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has defied the subpoena from the House Ways and Means Committee for President Donald Trump's tax returns.

However, Pascrell also said he supports the way Neal has handled the request for the president's tax returns so far, even though he was one of the members vocally pushing Neal to move more quickly than he did after Democrats took control of the House in January.

Neal said on CNN on Friday that he expected to file a lawsuit to obtain the information as early as next week, should Treasury miss the deadline as expected.

Neal issued the subpoena on May 10, saying the confidential documents were necessary in carrying out oversight of taxation, including understanding how a sitting president with extensive business interests is treated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Democrats are seeking Trump's tax returns under a 1924 law that directs the IRS to furnish such information when requested to the chairs of Congress' tax-writing committees.

A spokesperson for House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., told the Hill: "Our request is in furtherance of the committee's investigation into the mandatory presidential audit program and to decide whether that program needs to be codified into federal law".

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"The law, by its terms, does not allow for discretion as to whether to comply with a request for tax returns and return information", he added.

Trump has vowed to fight all subpoenas from House Democrats.

Mnuchin rejected the committee's request for the president's returns, and Democratic committee chair Richard Neal responded by issuing subpoenas to the Treasury Department and the IRS.

Trump, who came into office in January 2017 with worldwide business holdings, did not release his returns during the 2016 election, breaking with four decades of precedent.

The New York Times recently obtained printouts of Trump's official IRS tax transcripts from 1985 to 1994, which revealed the businessman-turned-politician reported $1.17 billion in business losses during a 10-year span.

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