Publicado: Sáb, May 18, 2019
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Taco Bell Is Planning a Palm Springs Hotel and Resort

Taco Bell Is Planning a Palm Springs Hotel and Resort

Taco Bell has a summer getaway plan for its biggest fans, as it plans to open a Palm Springs hotel where seemingly every detail is based on the brand.

The newest creation that Taco Bell has cooked up is something the fast food chain is describing, with great fanfare in an official announcement today, as a "tacoasis".

The hotel will feature an on-site salon for nail-art, a braid bar and a gift shop with exclusive apparel. According to Taco Bell, the hotel will offer several unique menu items that will only be available at the hotel. Just don't tell the kids you're going to Taco Bell for a week, because this natural evolution of the Taco Bell brand is only meant for superfans over the age of 18.

As visitors post photos of their stay on social media, they increase Taco Bell's presence among their followers.

CNN noted the stunt may create unofficial brand ambassadors for Taco Bell.

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Según Beckett, los comensales tuvieron suerte de que les sirvieran "algo espectacular". Dicho vino costaba nada menos que 4.500 libras, o sea, poco menos de $ 4 millones.

Imagine you're at the nightclub and when you get back to your room, you have a hankering for some Taco Bell.

Find out more about reserving your room at The Bell here.

In any case, the hotel promises to be "inspired by tacos and fueled by fans". "It will be fun, colorful, flavorful, and filled with more than what our fans might expect".

The company will begin taking reservations in June for an August 9 opening.

For now, The Bell will only be open for a limited time, but Thalberg says she would "never say never" to a full-time Taco Bell-themed hotel. To stay up to date on the hotel and when reservations officially go live check out The Bell's website or follow Taco Bell's Instagram.

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