Publicado: Sáb, May 18, 2019
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HBO's 'His Dark Materials' Gets First Full Trailer

HBO's 'His Dark Materials' Gets First Full Trailer

HBO has released a new trailer for its upcoming adaptation of His Dark Materials, an adaptation of Sir Philip Pullman's well-loved trilogy of fantasy novels.

Written by Jack Thorne and directed by Tom Hooper, the first season follows Lyra, a seemingly ordinary but courageous young woman from another world. Accompanied by her newfound friend Will, the two journey through multiple worlds encountering miraculous beings and uncovering evil secrets.

The footage gives us more glimpses of McAvoy's Lord Asriel, Ruth Wilson as the complex and mysterious Ms. Coulter, Lin-Manuel Miranda as aeronaut Lee Scoresby, and, of course, Keen's Lyra, our lens into this story. Little do they know that the fate of the living and the dead are in their hands.

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As HBO's Game of Thrones concludes its television fantasy epic this Sunday with the series finale, another saga is about to begin. Cast also includes Anne-Marie Duff, Clarke Peters, Ariyon Bakare, Will Keen, father of young lead Dafne Keen, Ian Gelder, Georgina Campbell, Lucian Msamati, James Cosmo, Ruta Gedmintas, Mat Fraser, Geoff Bell, Simon Manyonda as well as young actors Lewin Lloyd, Daniel Frogson and Tyler Howitt.

The King's Speech director Tom Hooper will direct the eight-part series.

There's still no premiere date for Season 1 of His Dark Materials just yet, but based on how good and polished the footage looks in the trailer, it could arrive sometime later this year. Dawn Shadforth, Otto Bathurst, Euros Lyn, and Jamie Childs will direct the remaining episodes of the second season.

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