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Effect of body image on mental health to be examined

Effect of body image on mental health to be examined

Leading mental health charity Mental Health Foundation has today released the findings of a recent online survey of British teens.

The announcement comes during Mental Health Awareness Week. A further third have felt "disgusted" or ashamed due to their body image over the past year. A growing number of professional bodies and organisations have called for tougher regulations around social media advertising out of fear of how it may be affecting young people and their mental health.

A Foundation spokesperson said: "With the help ob businesses across the United Kingdom - and even globally - this year we want to reach more people than ever".

Spokesman Grant Clemence said: "Businesses are beginning to recognise the beneficial impact that supporting mental wellness in the workplace can have". MHF research has shown that 16 million people experience a mental health problem each year and stress is a key factor in this. "Implementing this culture change may be something of a lengthy process, but as openness about the subject becomes more commonplace staff will find it easier to be honest about their mental health, meaning that problems can be identified and help sought much more quickly".

Their message will emphasise the importance of talking about mental health, how listening can not be underestimated, and how each and every one of us has the power to make a difference.

"Last year we found that 30% of all adults have felt so stressed by body image and appearance that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope".

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'Whilst many employers are claiming to take mental health more seriously, the feedback I'm getting on my travels around the United Kingdom is that many of them are paying it lip service, ' said Natasha Devon MBE, WHYA campaigner and author, 'Our research shows that people still feel the stigma of discussing mental health in the workplace, fearing they will be seen as "unprofessional" if they do disclose a mental health issue.

"We have a very large population of people that are looking for mental health services", Carole Flinn from the Oneida County Department of Mental Health said. It comes on the same day a YMCA survey found nearly two-thirds of young people felt pressure to look their best online and 67% regularly worry about their appearance.

Research undertaken in partnership with internationally-renowned leadership and organisational development expert Roffey Park Institute, found that 75% of people working in the events and hospitality industry had been managed by someone who, in their view, lacked compassion.

"If you broke your leg, you'd acknowledge this as would everyone around you, so why should it be different if you have depression or anxiety or an eating disorder or any other mental illness - it's still an illness, just not one that is so obvious".

Picture: One way to raise funds and show support is to donate via the MHF's Green Ribbon pins.

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