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United Kingdom foreign minister offers Brexit reassurance to Toyota

United Kingdom foreign minister offers Brexit reassurance to Toyota

An October extension delays the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, which will give businesses "some certainty in this unstable time".

Mr Verhofstadt echoed arguments against a Brexit extension made by President Macron, who is the most powerful ally of the MEP's liberal bloc in next month's European Union elections.

He criticised MPs' decision to go off on holiday as soon as the six-month extension had been agreed.

He told the European Parliament: "The Brexit Party will sweep the board in these elections and there is only one way it can be stopped and that is if the governing party of Mrs May and the opposition of Mr Corbyn come together and agree to a permanent customs union, and indeed effectively membership of the single market".

"We have adopted the necessary contingency measures and we are ready for a no-deal Brexit", he told MEPs.

"He's already campaigning. He's already rallying with a new party: the Brexit Party is catching up with the Conservatives in the polls and the old parties Labour and the Conservative risk being wiped out during the European elections".

The European Parliament's Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt unexpectedly said Nigel Farage's Brexit Party could "save the EU" by forcing Labour and the Conservatives to reach a compromise and avoid the EU "importing the Brexit mess" in European elections.

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"They will be full Members of the Parliament, with all their rights and obligations".

"Therefore I also ask you to reject similar ideas if they were to be voiced in this House". I also can not agreed to accept a second category of membership.

British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt is seeking to reassure Toyota that the United Kingdom government is focused on avoiding a no-deal exit from the European Union and ensuring tariff-tree trade between the United Kingdom and the EU.

Other EU leaders in the room remembered that fact and reminded Tusk that it is not their decision to make.

"We can not give into fatalism", Tusk said in a report to the European Parliament.

The newspaper had said talks had stalled due to a Conservative desire for post-Brexit deregulation including pursuing a USA trade deal.

Cross-party talks between the government and the Labour Party are set to resume this week to find a way through the impasse.

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