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UK Conservative Party's Splits Wide as Ever

UK Conservative Party's Splits Wide as Ever

An analysis of polls since the original intended March 29 exit day, published in the Sunday Telegraph, showed the Conservatives would lose 59 parliamentary seats if an election were held.

Leading British eurosceptic Nigel Farage has launched a new political party with a promise of a "democratic revolution" in United Kingdom politics, beginning with the European Parliament elections in May.

Though the generally pro-Remain Liberal Democrats would score 11 per cent, and Change UK, formerly known as the Independent Group, would win 3 per cent, the data revealed, meaning the Europhilic parties combined match the hardline Eurosceptics on 14%.

And he said Labour concerns about May's successor were overdone, because whoever the next prime minister was, they would face the same arithmetic in Parliament.

As many as 56 per cent of people who voted to leave the European Union in 2016 say they would vote for Ukip or the Brexit Party, with only 18 per cent saying they would back the Conservatives.

Removing May and replacing her with a new leader would "not change the arithmetic" in parliament, he explained.

Farage donned patriotic socks for the launch event held in a pro Brexit English city
Farage donned patriotic socks for the launch event held in a pro Brexit English city

The data for the poll was taken from 1,843 British adults.

The former foreign secretary was said to be "wooing" Miss Rudd in order to appeal beyond the Eurosceptic wing of the Tories.

He said: "We need to be very clear in the course of this that we don't end up letting Jeremy Corbyn dictate to us that we stay in a customs union, or we have some kind of second referendum or we are aligned with the European single market". Despite being ahead, Labour and Conservative MEP candidates are expected to "perform poorly", according to YouGov, while Open Europe predicts that Tory numbers will be "significantly squeezed" by the new Brexit Party.

"The Brexit Party will sweep the board at these elections", Mr Farage told his colleagues in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Speaking on BBC 4's Today program, Farage, who quit UKIP in December due to what he saw as leader, Gerard Batten's "obsession" with former head of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, claims his Brexit Party will not have such far-right individuals.

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