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Sudan restructures military council

Sudan restructures military council

On Sunday, the military council said it would name a civilian prime minister and Cabinet to help run the country but would not name a civilian to the office of the president. Also, in Algeria demonstrators calling for a more profound political shakeup as the head of the constitutional council bows out.

Protest leaders in Sudan have gradually toughened their approach towards the military council, as policy announcements from its uniformed officers have multiplied. The future remains unclear but refugees wishing to return home.

Officials in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are hoping to assert their influence in post-Bashir Sudan to bring Khartoum closer to their geopolitical orbits of influence, and farther away from Turkey and Qatar-two countries that Sudan has grown close to in recent years.

The Sudanese Professionals Association, which has spearheaded the protests, has called for the dismissal of all top judges and prosecutors among a package of demands.

"The Transitional Military Council has met many demands of the protesters, but some of the demands of the protesters need time to answer", said General Jalal Eldin Alshaik, a member of the council, after the meeting.

Sudan's military council which took over government last Thursday, said Bashir was in 'safe custody, but the latter has not made a public appearance since then.

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Despite the country's current de facto head of state providing reassuring language that is conducive to opening a healthy dialogue between the empowered military-led interim government and demonstrators pushing for a truly democratic revolution that removes Sudan's "deep state" from power, much is yet to be seen. The opposition in Sudan is fragmented and current unity may prove transitory, they say.

The Council met on Saturday with representatives of the Sudanese political parties and movements behind almost four months of anti-government protests. But in a press conference, the council's spokesman did not respond to the protesters' latest demands.

Amid widespread anger at the number of faces from the old regime, the protesters secured the replacement of its first chairman, a longtime Bashir loyalist after just 24 hours last week.

And the 55-member African Union threatened to suspend Sudan if the military fails to hand power over to civilians within 15 days, saying "a military-led transition would be completely contrary to the aspirations of the people of Sudan".

Himeidti is also the head of Sudan's Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary anti-insurgency force with its origins in the Janjaweed militias of the Darfur conflict. The SPA has also called for the confiscation of properties belonging to the ousted president's National Congress Party and the release of soldiers who sided with their movement. Lt. Gen. Shamseldin Kibashi said in televised remarks that the military had begun to overhaul the security apparatus and wouldn't break up the demonstrations outside the military headquarters.

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