Publicado: Mar, Abril 16, 2019
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Ivanka Trump Honors Ethiopian Airlines Crash Victims

Ivanka Trump Honors Ethiopian Airlines Crash Victims

The First Daughter visited the Holy Trinity Church Sunday, where she was accompanied by religious leaders and laid a wreath to commemorate the 157 crash victims.

She launched the 2X Africa initiative after a tour of a female-run textile facility in the capital, Addis Ababa, upon arrival on Sunday for the four-day tour.

Ivanka Trump, the United States president's daughter and senior adviser, met religious leaders in Ethiopia and laid a wreath to the 157 people killed in an air crash in the country last month.

Pompeo visita a migrantes venezolanos en Colombia
Perú es el segundo país, detrás de Colombia , que ha recibido mayor cantidad de venezolanos, unos 750 mil. Maduro dispuso el cierre y bloqueo de los cuatro puentes que conectan Venezuela con Cúcuta .

Ivanka Trump, the U.S. president's daughter and senior advisor, center, arrives to attend the African Women's Empowerment Dialogue in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Monday April 15, 2019. She is in the East African country to promote a $50 million initiative enacted by her father in February that is aimed at encouraging women's employment in developing countries. "It's also in our security interest, because women, when we're empowered, foster peace and stability".

It was not immediately clear if the controversy that surrounds the USA president will follow his daughter to Africa. The president has not been kind in his remarks about Africa and its migrants.

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