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Netanyahu wins 5th term as Israeli PM: final results

Netanyahu wins 5th term as Israeli PM: final results

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The statement was also signed by House Appropriations Committee chair Nita Lowey, Ted Deutch - who heads the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Middle East - and Brad Schneider, another Democratic congressman known for his support of Israel.

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Confetti falls as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara stand on stage after Netanyahu spoke following the announcement of exit polls in Israel's parliamentary election at the party headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel on April 10, 2019. Netanyahu, who is most likely to be the new prime minister, succeeded in securing the votes of those settlers with a pledge that, if honoured, will sound the death knell of the idea of a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict (an idea only still formally defended by a tenth of Israel's parliamentary parties). Netanyahu won Tuesday's elections.

During the election campaign, Netanyahu highlighted his close relationship with Trump, erecting billboards showing the two leaders smiling and shaking hands.

Netanyahu's strength doesn't come from getting many more votes than his main challenger, retired Gen. Benny Gantz.

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"We respectfully request that you affirm long-standing bipartisan consensus that the two-state solution is the essential path to an Israel existing alongside a future state of Palestine in peace and security and that you declare that the United States will not support any Israeli proposals to annex the West Bank, in whole or in part", the letter said.

"Every one of Israel's frontiers plays an important role in its security, and Israel's ability to guard itself from threats is non-negotiable", it said. From covert Central Intelligence Agency involvement in elections in Latin America and Southeast Asia, to more subtle support for favored candidates or pro-democracy movements in Eastern Europe, the United States has acted to sway election outcomes and install or remove governments it liked or didn't like - especially since emerging from World War II as a global superpower. Months earlier, a right-wing extremist had assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in an effort to end his peace deals with the Palestinians.

"This will not be easy", the statement acknowledged.

Intensive coalition negotiations could drag on for days or even weeks. To paraphrase Abba Eban, the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. This would firm up Israel's unilateral hold on them and dig the country into a position that could preclude any Palestinian state.

"Regrettably", Ashrawia said, "Israelis overwhelmingly voted for candidates that are unequivocally committed to entrenching the status quo of oppression, occupation, annexation, and dispossession in Palestine and escalating the assault on Palestinian national and human rights".

Also in line with the predictions is the historically poor performance of the Labour Party (HaAvoda), which has secured no more than six seats (compared with the 24 it had in its alliance with Hatnuah).

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