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Officials probing death of model who testified in 'bunga-bunga' trial

Officials probing death of model who testified in 'bunga-bunga' trial

Citing Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco, Italian news agency ANSA reported that 34-year-old Imane Fadil died March 1 at a Milan hospital, where she had been treated since January 29 exhibiting "symptoms of poisoning".

Mr Berlusconi is already being investigated or prosecuted for witness tampering in Milan, Siena, Rome and Turin, each time for allegedly paying people to keep quiet about his bunga bunga parties.

She testified at the 2012 trial of Mr Berlusconi, who was accused of paying for sex with an underage prostitute.

Speaking at a political meeting in the southern Basilicata, Berlusconi said he was "sorry when a young person dies". I never met this person, never talked to her. "What I read were her declarations that made me always think these were always invented and absurd things". Later, she said he himself handed her €2,000 ($2,300 at current rates) in cash, telling her: "Don't be offended".

A murder investigation is under way in Italy after the death of a Moroccan model who testified against former PM Silvio Berlusconi in 2012.

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De esta manera, según lo estableció el presidente, Pedro Sánchez , el procedimiento se realizará sin imágenes no comunicación. Ese es el objetivo fundamental. "A ser posible con la identificación de las casi 30.000 víctimas que están allí".

Italian media say she may have been poisoned with a radioactive substance.

Mr Berlusconi was initially convicted but then acquitted on appeal.

Late past year, lawyers for one of Berlusconi's co-defendants in the witness tampering trial began negotiations to settle the women's claims, ANSA reported at the time. Fadil said she had attended eight of these "prostitution parties", also known as "bunga bunga" parties, with some of women said to have engaged in sexual relations with Berlusconi.

Milan chief prosecutor Francesco Greco told Reuters news agency that doctors have not identified with any certainty any pathology which can explain the death, adding that there were several anomalies in Fadil's medical records. "She died after a month of agony".

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