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Muslim community in Indianapolis reacts to mass shootings at New Zealand mosques

Muslim community in Indianapolis reacts to mass shootings at New Zealand mosques

Police said later three people were in custody and one man in his late 20s had been charged with murder.

The gunman identified himself as an Australia-born, 28-year-old white male from a low-income, working-class family.

Forty-one people were killed at al Noor Mosque on Deans Avenue, and eight people died at the Linwood Mosque on Linwood Avenue, according to New Zealand's Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

Four people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

Although police have not revealed the identities of those detained, they did indicate that the names of the suspects are not on any watch list.

One person was killed and several others were injured. Last year, the prime minister announced the country would boost its annual refugee quota from 1,000 to 1,500 starting in 2020.

Police urged all mosques across New Zealand to stay closed over the weekend for security reasons. "While we do not have anything to believe at this stage that there were any other suspects, we are not assuming that at this stage". They gave no details.

The Prime Minister said the attack is also deliberate attempt to demonize legitimate Muslim political struggles.

"I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11 where Islam & 1.3 bn Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror by a Muslim".

Witness Len Peneha said he saw a man dressed in black enter the Al Noor mosque and then heard dozens of shots, followed by people running out in terror.

Shortly before the attack began, an anonymous post on the discussion site 8chan, known for a wide range of content including hate speech, said the writer was going to "carry out an attack against the invaders" and included links to a Facebook live stream, in which the shooting appeared, and a manifesto. "Our thoughts & prayers are with the families of the victims", Gargash wrote.

Australia senator egged after Christchurch terror attack comments
The senator was expelled from Katter's Australian Party, after people condemned him for his "white supremacy ideology". Meanwhile, a petition calling for Senator Anning to be removed from office has more than 225,000 signatures.

"I saw dead people everywhere".

She was earlier cited by media as saying six Indonesians had been inside one mosque when the attack occurred, with three managing to escape and three unaccounted for. "I stand with you".

He added: "I've lived next door to this mosque for about five years and the people are great, they're very friendly".

He adds: "I am just a regular White man, from a regular family".

The video shows the gunman then driving off at high speed and firing from his auto. Children's screams can be heard in the distance as he returns to his auto to get another rifle. After walking back outside and shooting a woman there, he gets back in his auto, where the song "Fire" by English rock band "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown" can be heard blasting from the speakers.

In a video posted to YouTube, she said: "Through terror attacks that have taken place on United Kingdom soil we know only too well the pain that such horrifying attacks can cause". Let all Christians pray for healing of people, interfaith relations and New Zealand itself. He also reported two injured victims being carried out on stretchers past his automotive shop and that both people appeared to be alive.

Police are warning people on social media about the distressing video which captured 17-minutes of the attack.

The footage showed the killer was carrying a shotgun and two fully automatic military assault rifles, with an extra magazine taped to one of the weapons so that he could reload quickly.

Two explosives attached to the suspects' cars were discovered and disarmed.

The third cricket test was cancelled, New Zealand Cricket said later.

"Everyone is shocked, and the people of Christchurch are". Sometimes called the garden city, it has been rebuilding since an natural disaster in 2011 killed 185 people and destroyed many downtown buildings.

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