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Giants agree to contract with wide receiver Tate

Giants agree to contract with wide receiver Tate

What will Golden Tate's legacy be in Philadelphia?

"I've been a New York Football Giants fan growing up and I've always admired - really this entire division", Tate told reporters on Friday.

Days after trading Odell Beckham the Cleveland Browns, the Giants signed veteran wide receiver Golden Tate.

While Tate will have his work cut out for him in NY, the team realistically had no choice but to nab the last remaining free agent wide receiver that could give them any kind of chance on offense going forward. And if you combine his work with the Lions and Eagles this past year, those team's quarterbacks took aim at the nine-year wide receiver a combined 113 times. I highly doubt it. This week, they traded Beckham, which suggests that they're looking to rebuild. He should help the Giants win slightly more games than they would've won without him, but he's not going to transform them into a surprise playoff team.

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Why not outbid the Indianapolis Colts to lock up Devin Funchess on a one-year deal, for, say, $14 million?

With just five wide receivers now under contract in New England, Patriots fans are anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop at the position in free agency.

But no, the Giants are somehow trying to have their cake and eat it too, but will in all likelihood end up at the bottom of the standings come January, preparing to pick atop the NFL Draft once more. I want to go to a team that has a chance. This seems like a unusual move for a team that's supposedly in rebuild-mode, and though I don't love the fit, I do love the player.

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