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Tesla Finally Reveals The Model Y

Tesla Finally Reveals The Model Y

It's fair to say the automaker is up against an entirely different set of hurdles than it was on March 31, 2016.

The Long Range model is expected to offer 300 miles of range, while four-wheel drive Dual Motor and Performance versions will get 280 miles. Even with the reduced range, Tesla is predicting demand to be perhaps 50 percent higher for the Model Y than the Model 3 owing to the former's crossover body style. Given how much Tesla's customers waited for the Model 3, there's no denying the pre-orders will pour in like monsoon rains ending the dry season. But last week, Tesla reversed course and said it would leave many stores open and raised prices back by about 3 per cent. However, the Standard Range won't make an appearance until Spring 2021.

The company will first sell more expensive versions of the SUV, with prices starting from $47,000 to $60,000, and offering more battery range.

However, Musk spoke optimistically of Tesla's autonomous driving software which will also be available on the Model Y. It will be able to go from 0 to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds and will have an extremely low centre of gravity due to the battery pack being in the floor of the vehicle. Despite that, the Model 3 sedan was the best-selling luxury vehicle of any type in the United States previous year, so expectations are high for the Y. The cheaper, standard-range version, which will be able to go for up to 23-miles before needing charged will follow-on in 2021 and will cost $39,000.

Some of the features highlighted during the event include the Panoramic Glass Roof and an option for seating 7 people in the vehicle, which prompted some cheers from the crowd. The CEO also said that the Model Y should be coming off production lines in 2019.

Tesla Finally Reveals The Model Y
Tesla Finally Reveals The Model Y

The covers are officially off, and at first glance the much-anticipated Model Y looks to be a proper contender in the compact crossover market.

With the V3 Supercharger hardware that Tesla revealed last week, a 15-minute recharge can gain 168 miles of range. Unfortunately, the Model-Y does not feature Tesla's trademark Falcon doors, as the system is too expensive and complex to integrate into a auto expected to increase the company's market share. Model Y is notably a little bit taller than the Model 3 particularly at the rear of the vehicle.

In October, Musk said "significant progress" had been made on the Model Y and that he had approved the prototype for production in 2020. Musk gave no new details about where the Model Y would be produced at Thursday's event.

The event at Tesla's Design Studio was very quick, with most of Musk's stage time centering around a retrospective of the company's accomplishments since 2008. In the USA, Tesla requires a deposit of $2.500 and lists all variants except the basic model "Standard Range".

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