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BETO STEPS IN: O'Rourke Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

BETO STEPS IN: O'Rourke Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

Trump, for his part, took note of O'Rourke's energetic gesticulation, on display as several cable TV networks aired O'Rourke's comments.

US Democrat Beto O'Rourke has said that he is running for president in 2020. "I said, 'Is he insane or is that just the way he acts?'"

The 46-year-old mounted a stronger-than-expected challenge to Republican Sen. Before that bid, O'Rourke had served on the El Paso City Council for six years and had founded his own technology company. Still, Parkhomenko noted, "The momentum we see around him is unique, and it's not something you see come out of nowhere, all of a sudden, like you've seen with him".

Of late, O'Rourke has tried to distance himself from some left-leaning candidates, such as Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA, whom Trump has derided as "socialists". Which current candidate has the most to fear from his run?

He had already planned to visit the University of Northern Iowa on Saturday to campaign for a Democrat running in a special state Senate election, AP reported. At the end of the month, on March 30, O'Rourke plans to return to El Paso to kick off his campaign. Beyonce, a Houston native, endorsed O'Rourke.

The former congressman had been testing the waters for a presidential run in unconventional ways. "I want to be in it. Man, I was just born to be in it".

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John Vandemoor, a former Stanford University sailing coach who worked with Singer, also pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. This money was allegedly paid to William Rick Singer's charity, the Key Worldwide Foundation, that was just a front for the scam.

But that's not the case with Beto O'Rourke, the former Texas congressman who threw his hat in the ring late Wednesday.

Democrats have long dreamed that a booming Hispanic population and droves of Americans moving to Texas from elsewhere could turn the nation's largest red state blue and transform the Electoral College by making the Republican path to the presidency all but impossible. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), joins a crowded crowded Democratic field that includes Sens.

With his national profile, broad name recognition and a history of smashing fundraising records, O'Rourke jumps into the race immediately as a top-tier candidate.

O'Rourke refused to hire pollsters for his Senate campaign and only employed a digital consulting firm. He raised about $80 million for his bid, most of it from small-dollar donations, and amassed a nationwide grassroots following while eschewing traditional campaign methods.

In his Senate race against Cruz, O'Rourke often blurred their policy differences on issues like trade by saying the two agreed. "At this moment of maximum peril and maximum potential, let's show ourselves and those who will succeed us in this great country just who we are what we can do".

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