Publicado: Jue, Marcha 14, 2019
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LAGOS: School children, many others feared killed as 3-storey building collapses

LAGOS: School children, many others feared killed as 3-storey building collapses

Residents of the area said around 100 children attended the school, which was on the third floor of the building.

Footage from the scene showed a young boy, his face, arms and legs covered in dust, being lifted above the crowd and passed between adults to safety as people cheered around him. But the crowd quieted as others were pulled out slung over rescuers' shoulders, unmoving.

Emergency officials, including men of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), and the police among others, had raced to the scene shortly after the incident for rescue operations.

"I appeal to the residents to allow the rescue operators to carry out their work so that more lives can be rescued", he said.

He said the collapsed building was a residential house with the school operating illegally.

According to social media reports, a woman lost 5 children in the school building that collapsed in Ita-Faji, Lagos Island earlier today.

School bags, toys and clothes could be seen among the piles of rubble as a bulldozer tried to clear a path through some of the wreckage to help the rescue efforts.

WhatsApp falla y se une a Facebook e Instagram
Usuarios han reportado también que las fallas podrían presentarse debido a las actualizaciones de las redes sociales . Anteriormente, el cinco de marzo, facebook igual sufrió fallas en su sistema en varias partes del mundo.

Hundreds of people stood in narrow streets and on rooftops of rusted, corrugated metal.

There are cheers as a small child is pulled from the ruins of a collapsed three-story building in Lagos, Nigeria.

Materials are often sub-standard and there is weak enforcement of regulations, correspondents say. Some were barefoot. Some were bare-handed. Some were barefoot. One held a water bottle in his teeth.

The collapse came as Buhari, newly elected to a second term as president, tries to improve groaning, inefficient infrastructure in Africa's most populous nation.

Poor infrastructure has led to mass casualties in Nigeria before.

"The perceived quality of the infrastructure is low".

In December 2016, at least 60 people were killed by the collapse of a church roof in the city of Uyo, east of the country.

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