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Families of the Ethiopia plane crash victims to wait longer for bodies

Families of the Ethiopia plane crash victims to wait longer for bodies

The Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa is following up with Ethiopian authorities to recover the bodies of the six Egyptians on the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash, said Yasser Mahmoud Hashim, Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs and Egyptian Expatriates.

One elderly couple collapsed into each other's arms after strewing flowers in front of a picture of a smiling young woman, while a family propped each other up, tears coursing down their faces.

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crashed on March 10 morning en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi with 149 passengers and eight crew believed to be on board, Ethiopian Airlines said.

Ethiopia Airlines spokesman Asrat Begashaw said it was still unclear what had happened on Sunday, but its pilot had reported control issues - as opposed to external factors such as birds.

CEO Tewolde GebreMariam told CNN's Richard Quest on Tuesday that a recorded conversation with air traffic control detailed the final moments of the flight.

"He asked to return back to base and he was given clearance...that was at 8:44 am, the same time the aeroplane disappeared from the radar", he said. The biggest impact could be on future deliveries given Boeing has almost 5,000 more 737 MAXs on order.

The airlines say they are confident in the safety of the fleet, however, Canadian travellers are concerned the airlines still haven't grounded the model.

Despite reassurances in the US that the 737 Max is safe, concerns have mounted.

American civil aviation and Boeing investigators search through the debris near Bishoftu Ethiopia
American civil aviation and Boeing investigators search through the debris near Bishoftu Ethiopia

Boeing shares fell 6.1 percent on Tuesday, bringing losses to 11.15 percent since the crash, the steepest two-day loss for the stock since July 2009. China, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, India and others have temporarily suspended the plane. They were 0.7 percent higher in NY around midday on Wednesday. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declined to comment. And Nikki Haley, Trump's former United Nations ambassador, has been nominated to join Boeing's board.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal suggested on Twitter that an upcoming hearing on the crash would focus on that conversation.

But he says more questions need to be answered.

"The two dozen 737 Max aircraft in the American Airlines fleet are the only ones equipped with two AOA [Angle of Attack] displays, one for each pilot, providing an extra layer of awareness and warning", the union said.

The 737 line, which has flown for more than 50 years, is the world's best selling modern passenger aircraft.

The new questions are surfacing months after US pilots criticized Boeing in the wake of the Lion Air disaster, saying the plane maker had not provided enough information or training about a critical aspect of its new flight control system, as NPR's David Schaper reported in November. Their reports are part of database, compiled by NASA that does not reveal the airlines or locations.

USA officials said the devices suffered some damage but they were confident of some initial results within 24 hours of the data being downloaded.

Vietnam asks Malaysia to free woman accused of Kim Jong Nam's poisoning
Meanwhile, lawyers for Huong have confirmed writing to the attorney-general (AG) to drop the charge against her. Prosecutors told the court that they had been instructed to withdraw the charge against Siti Aisyah.

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