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NASA Plans To Return To The Moon To Stay There

NASA Plans To Return To The Moon To Stay There

As the next major step to return astronauts to the Moon under Space Policy Directive-1, NASA announced plans on December 13 to work with American companies to design and develop new reusable systems for astronauts to land on the lunar surface.

Maybe Trump forced the United States space agency to make its comeback to the Earth's satellite, but that was not something NASA didn't want.

The NASA administrator wrote a post detailing his agency's goals, which aside from sending people to the Moon as well as Mars one day, involves keeping them there longer. "But to some, saying we're returning to the moon implies we'll be doing the same as we did 50 years ago. I want to be clear - that is not our vision", said Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator. "Building on our model in low-Earth orbit, we'll expand our partnerships with industry and other nations to explore the moon and advance our missions to farther destinations such as Mars, with America leading the way", Bridenstine said in a statement.

The agency will send "new science instruments and technology demonstrations" to the moon's surface on "commercial cargo moon deliveries" in the future.

He said: "That starts with the Gateway - a lunar orbiting outpost created to ensure the safe transit of astronauts to the lunar surface and back home again".

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Artist's concept of a human landing system and its crew on the lunar surface with Earth near the horizon.

An important task is to come up with technology that will allow astronauts to land safely on the moon.

Ultimately, Bridenstine said, the goal is to get astronauts back on the Moon within the next decade.

"More than two-thirds of Americans today were not even alive to witness the six successful Apollo moon landings, myself included". This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries.

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