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Tuesday's Mashup: Bill Belichick renames boat 'VIII Rings' after Super Bowl win

Tuesday's Mashup: Bill Belichick renames boat 'VIII Rings' after Super Bowl win

"Similar to 2007, when they traded for Randy Moss and Wes Welker, New England will bring in a few receivers following a season in which they were limited at the position", writes Reiss.

While the 2018 National Football League season ended with New England Patriots receiver winning a Super Bowl as well as the big game's MVP, he started off the season with a four-game suspension after testing positive for PED's. Despite the "nine months of hard work", Edelman allowed Ellen to shave his trademark facial hair in her pop-up barbershop for charity, raising $10,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. "Instead of adding another "I" like he's been doing for the past three wins, Belichick is going to have to add an 'X" since the Roman numeral for nine is "IX".

Julian Edelman's gnarly playoff beard is officially a thing of the past.

"I love you, beard", he joked before Ellen buzzed his face.

Guys go into abandoned house to smoke pot, find caged tiger instead
Some tigers are smuggled into the USA from Mexico, and there are small pockets of breeding facilities across the country. According to KPRC , the animal will not be moved to the Houston Zoo as the zoo is already home to two Malayan tigers .

Edelman became to first-ever Jewish player to get the MVP.

That's been the pattern with Bill Belichick's boat, which the New England Patriots coach has updated after each one of his team's championships. There's no telling what Belichick means by "everything", but it's probably safe to say that it encompasses anything that doesn't have to do with what happens on Sunday afternoon, up to and including personal grooming. "I have to shower after I eat".

Belichick, who re-names his boat after each of his Super Bowl victories, has done it again following the Patriots' win over the Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Edelman said focusing on returning in Week 5 is what kept him from slumping into a dark place.

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