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Newspaper carrier finds newborn baby in middle of Central California road

Newspaper carrier finds newborn baby in middle of Central California road

The California Safely Surrendered Baby Law was passed in 2001 to prevent the death of newborns abandoned by their parents. The infant was then hospitalized and is OK, the CHP said.

A newspaper delivery man has described the "awful" moment he found an hours-old baby with its umbilical cord still attached in the middle of a California road in the early hours of Monday morning.

Aurelio Fuentes Jr. tells the Fresno Bee, "If there was another vehicle, that baby would have been badly hurt (or killed)".

The baby was wearing a wet and soiled one-piece jumpsuit, according to witnesses, but appeared to be healthy and had apparently not been out in the near-freezing temperatures for too long.

"I approached slowly. Next thing you know I see it's red, you can see the face".

He immediately called 911 and waited with the baby until an ambulance arrived, fearful the little girl might be taken by the coyotes common to the area.

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'She was as shocked as I was, ' he said.

The sheriff's office reports she was taken to Valley Children's Hospital where she is being treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Authorities are now looking for the newborn's mother.

Madera County Sheriff's Office are now working to track down a woman who is thought to have dropped the baby off at the spot.

According to Madera County Undersheriff Tyson Pogue, a man was walking or jogging eastbound on Avenue 13 1/2 when he was approached by a Hispanic female in her early 20s driving a white, smaller SUV. He refused and suggested she take the newborn to a fire station or hospital.

She was said to have been driving a white SUV but details of her physical description are "unknown". "We'd like to remind everyone that there are many safe surrender sites that will allow someone to surrender a newborn child without any questions asked".

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