Publicado: Mar, Febrero 12, 2019
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Cardi B Makes History at Grammys

Cardi B Makes History at Grammys

I know people say that you should never meet your heroes but please let's forget that and just focus on the high levels of absolute joy on Cardi B's face. The 45-second clip finds him in the studio and performing on stage while his son looks on.

Cardi B told the crowd she found out she was pregnant before her album was completed.

Offset's debut album will come two months after The New York Times reported it would be released: on the rapper's 27th birthday, December 14.

Debuta Con Calma, el nuevo sencillo de Daddy Yankee
El tema fue producido por Juan Salinas y Oscar Salinas "Play & Skills" y coproducido por David "Scott Summers" Macias y Juan G. El video fue subido a YouTube el 23 de enero y ya cuenta con más de 75 millones de reproducciones .

Offset has announced a new release date for his debut solo album and shared a trailer for its supporting documentary. "That's nearly like bubblegum rap now, how the people are accepting it". The two showed just how inseparable they are, as he accompanied her to the podium at Los Angeles' Staples Center, where she accepted the prestigious award for her LP Invasion of Privacy. "Maybe I need to start smoking weed". "Happy seven months, Kulture! We love you @offsetyrn @hennessycarolina @melo9.11", Cardi B captioned the video.

I can not prepare you for how beautifully endearing all of this is, so just take five and really let the whole thing wash over you.

During her acceptance speech, Ariana Grande tweeted five times with the words, "what", "f-", "trash", "bulls-", and "literal bulls-". "We was like, 'We have to get this album done so I can shoot these videos before I am showing.' It was very long nights".

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