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Serial killer Bruce McArthur to be sentenced today

Serial killer Bruce McArthur to be sentenced today

He was a potential ninth victim, the court heard, and McArthur had a folder waiting.

The 67-year-old self-employed landscaper pleaded guilty last week to murdering eight men with ties to Toronto's gay village.

"Unfortunately they will live with this nightmare the rest of their lives", said McMahon, reading from his 17-page sentencing report. That would bring him to the age of 116, ensuring, of course, he'd never see that day and his victims' families and friends will never go through the agony of having to prepare for a hearing. "This community is broken and it's going to be broken for a long, long time".

Saunders also thanked all the family, friends and community members who provided victim-impact statements and gave insight about the lives that were lost.

Because numerous facts presented at the hearing were so lurid, prosecutors cautioned people against remaining in court to hear them. Instead, he settled on the mandatory minimum, meaning that McArthur could face a parole board when he's 91, although it's highly unlikely he will ever see any kind of freedom from prison.

In Canada, first-degree murder leads to automatic life sentence with no parole for 25 years.

"There is a fine line between retribution, which is an appropriate sentencing principle, and vengeance", McMahon said.

McMahon said that in coming to his decision he took into account the safety of the public, McArthur's advanced age, as well as deterring others from committing similar crimes.

Giving judges the option of telling particular offenders they can't apply for parole for 40 years would reduce the chances of that happening. He called their dismemberments pure evil, but said the guilty plea spared a jury four months of gruesome evidence.

"If it was one of my loved ones (who was a victim) there wouldn't be any sentence that would make me happy", Saunders said.

The eight victims of gay serial killer Bruce McArthur. I do not see him in a public setting again.

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Serial killer Bruce McArthur is being sentenced Friday.

Police were able to track McArthur down after they discovered surveillance footage of his last victim - Kinsman - entering a van linked to McArthur.

"Would police have taken more and swifter action if McArthur's victims had not been gay or people of colour, homeless or addicted to drugs?" the editorial read.

The chief said officers had launched an investigation, Project Houston in November 2012, into the disappearances of McArthur's first three victims, but simply never had enough evidence to proceed further until 2017.

"First, their loved ones went missing... in numerous victim impact statements friends and families recount searching for months on end fruitlessly, holding on to hope their loved one was alive and well", he said. Families and friends of the respective men were not given the closure that they deserved in a timely manner. "I find this exploitation of their vulnerability to be extremely aggravating".

The Crown sought a life sentence with no chance of parole for 50 years, while the defence had asked that McArthur be eligible for parole in 25 years.

On the day McArthur was arrested, January 18, 2018, police surveilling McArthur saw a man, identified in the agreed statement of facts as "John", meet up with McArthur and enter his apartment.

"This is a crime of stark horror", prosecutor Michael Cantlon said in a statement.

Justice John McMahon is expected to deliver his sentence before noon.

Partly due to the Toronto Police Department's alleged mishandling of the Bruce McArthur case, the city's Pride organization decided against allowing uniformed police from participating in this year's parade.

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