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Thursday races in Britain cancelled over equine flu

Thursday races in Britain cancelled over equine flu

It is one of four meetings across the United Kingdom scheduled today that have been cancelled by the British Horseracing Authority.

As a result all meetings on Thursday have been abandoned.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) announced that all four of the scheduled race meetings in Britain on Thursday have been cancelled as it tries to contain the "outbreak".

Irish trainer Gordon Elliott ran a number of horses at Ayr on Wednesday but his runners were still travelling back home when the news of the positive tests broke and they were quickly placed in isolation away from his stables.

Leading Welsh horse trainer, Tim Vaughan, says the equine flu outbreak, which has forced the cancellation of all race meetings across the United Kingdom, could last up to 10 weeks, and could affect the Cheltenham Festival.

The BHA added: "While no further positive tests have been received, at least three more days are required before it will be possible to make a decision about whether it is safe to resume racing".

The British Horseracing Authority has confirmed three cases of equine influenza, triggering the cancellation of all racing in Britain for the next several days and the shutdown of training yards across the country.

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Equine influenza is a highly-infectious disease of horses which attacks the respiratory system with symptoms including high fever, coughing and nasal discharge, can be airborne over long distances and can be transmitted indirectly through humans. The BHA is presently communicating with yards potentially exposed to ensure appropriate quarantine and biosecurity measures are put in place and horse movements restricted to avoid possible further spread of the disease.

As an interim precaution, the IHRB and HRI have decided that runners from Britain will not be permitted to run in Ireland in an effort to reduce the risk of further spread of the disease via horse movement.Horses will continue to be able to race across the north/south of the island of Ireland.

'The full extent of potential exposure is unknown and we are working quickly to understand as much as we can to assist our decision making.

McCain said: "We are scrupulous about observing the health status of horses in our care and taking the necessary steps to treat any condition that may affect them".

So what exactly is equine influenza, and why has it got so many people in the horse racing industry so anxious?

McCain reported the cases of flu to the BHA after his vets relayed the news on Wednesday evening, and the trainer was keen to emphasise he would never knowingly have run a potentially infected horse.

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