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Flights into New York's Laguardia halted amid shutdown staff shortage

Flights into New York's Laguardia halted amid shutdown staff shortage

Other airports in the Northeast, including Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and Philadelphia International Airport, were also experiencing delays, according to FlightAware.

"What we're seeing is people having to make hard decisions after getting no paycheck this week", Paul Rinaldi, the president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, said in an interview with CBS News Thursday.

O'Hare was second only to LaGuardia in flight delays Friday morning, according to the flight-tracking website FlightAware.

About 420,000 government employees, including air traffic controllers and TSA agents, have been working without pay; another 380,000 are furloughed. And the plane was a few minutes late coming to Newark because of the shutdown/lack of air traffic controllers.

Thanks to the stalemate between President Donald Trump and Democrats over the proposed border wall, thousands of federal employees are now going unpaid.

"We are at a 30-year low of fully certified air traffic controllers and as we have warned for several years, the efficiency of the system will be constrained when there is inadequate staffing to ensure the safety of all flights. We are mitigating the impact by augmenting staffing, rerouting traffic, and increasing spacing between aircraft when needed".

In a statement, the presidents of the three unions say that due to the shutdown now in its 33rd day, the "air safety deteriorating by the day", and that President Trump and Congress should work to end the shutdown ASAP.

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The delays come amid the ongoing partial USA government shutdown, which began on 22 December and has left 800,000 federal employees without pay cheques.

Lang said she didn't mind the delay because she wants her two friends who are air traffic controllers - one in Jacksonville and the other in Minnesota - to get paid.

A report out of Hawaii claimed that at least "some" employees working in Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the state have turned in their resignations amid the ongoing partial government shutdown. "The #TrumpShutdown has already pushed hundreds of thousands of Americans to the breaking point", tweeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

FAA officials were working Friday to mitigate the staff shortage, they said. "We are already short-staffed".

A screen grab from a traveler's smartphone airline app shows a two-hour delay for the departure of their flight from LaGuardia Airport to Detroit on January 25, 2019.

As of Sunday, the number of TSA agents who failed to show up for work climbed to a record 10 percent, compared to about 3 percent at the same time past year.

Marisa Rizzuti was one of the fliers affected by the delays. "Re-open government now!" As I have said all along, the obvious, necessary resolution is a compromise that improves border security - including physical barriers where they make sense - and delivers on some Democrat priorities, too.

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