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Venezuela says rogue officers captured after sergeant demands Maduro's removal

Venezuela says rogue officers captured after sergeant demands Maduro's removal

In this January 11, 2019 photo, Juan Guaido, President of the Venezuelan National Assembly delivers a speech during a public session with opposition members, at a street in Caracas, Venezuela.

Guaido has announced a mass people's protest for Wednesday and admits that he needs both the public and military on his side to unseat Maduro. But buoyed by unprecedented worldwide criticism of Maduro, anti-government forces have put aside their differences and are projecting a united front.

"Here is a people willing to defend this land", said Maduro, flanked by Socialist Party leaders.

Venezuela's opposition on Wednesday plans to hold marches nationwide as part of an annual event that marks the fall of a military government in 1958.

It said at around 2:50 a.m. (06:50 GMT), a small group of guardsmen took captive a captain in charge of a police station in western Caracas and then moved across the capital in two military trucks to the poor neighborhood of Petare, where they stole a cache of weapons from another outpost. A small team of soldiers, claiming to be members of Venezuela's armed forces, attempted an uprising against Maduro and triggered violent street protests. The Organization of American States also voted earlier this month not to recognize Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, approving a resolution put forward by the U.S., Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Peru. "We want you out!", a group of residents chanted in the Catia...

At a rally on Wednesday in the east of the capital Caracas that drew hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans, Guaido accused Maduro of usurping power.

A second lawmaker, Franz Klinzevich, said Moscow could wind up its military cooperation with Venezuela if Maduro was ousted. Congress declared Maduro an "usurper" last week.

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Raising his right hand in unison with tens of thousands of supporters, the fresh-faced leader of the opposition-controlled congress took a symbolic oath to assume executive powers he says are his right under two articles of Venezuela constitution to take over as interim president and form a transitional government until he calls new elections.

Domestic and global pressure has been mounting on Maduro to cede power after he began as second, six-year term that the US and dozens of other foreign governments consider illegitimate, in part because he banned several leading opponents from running against him. The Trump administration is about to add Venezuela to its list of state sponsors of terrorism, which would carry with it sanctions on the oil industry, the country's last lifeline of support.

Vice President Pence reiterated the American people's commitment to seeing democracy prevail.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said on Twitter that the rogue soldiers will "be punished with the full weight of the law".

The increasingly authoritarian Nicolas Maduro-led government, continuing the policies of Hugo Chavez, denies the existence of a humanitarian catastrophe, instead pointing fingers at everything from Venezuela's positioning to the sun, to opposition movements and the United States for infringing on their economic rights.

Venezuela's pro-government Supreme Court declared Monday that the National Assembly's leadership is illegitimate and nullified its recent decisions.

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