Publicado: Vie, Enero 25, 2019
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Big Lebowski Super Bowl Commercial a Possibility

Big Lebowski Super Bowl Commercial a Possibility

Bridges doesn't say anything in the 15-second clip, but he does glance at the camera over his sunglasses as he lets out a chuckle while Bob Dylan's "The Man in Me" plays in the background. Others are more cynical, like a twitter user named Jesus Christ, Son Of God And Men, pointed out that this is likely just a trailer for a Super Bowl ad, in which Jeff Bridges will appear as The Dude.

A tumbleweed, which featured in the intro for the original movie, rolls by at the end of the video and reveals the date February 3, 2019.

Slightly less excitingly, it has been noted that February 3 is the same date as the Super Bowl in the United States, which suggests the clip could be a teaser for a commercial set to run during the annual American football event.

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We'll see come Super Bowl Sunday.

It has been over 20 years since the film hit cinemas and it still has a big cult following. It's also worth noting the Coens publicly stated they would never make a sequel to the "The Big Lebowski".

Are we getting "The Big Lebowski" Part 2? The movie's quirky comedy puzzled mainstream audiences who knew the Coens nearly entirely from Fargo, even though that film had its fair share of offbeat humor as well.

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